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Hi I'm Alison, I'm originally from Cork and I have now being living in Dublin for over 15 years. I purchased my lovely first apartment out in Lucan, in 2008, and I'm still here! I've always had a eye for craft and making things, teaching myself techniques and led me to attending a jewelry making course, which I ended up doing as a hobby. I then started making my own wreaths, and I would end up making one for every season and event. Neighbors would knock on my door and ask me: ''where do I get this wreath?'' which got me thinking. I started making small designs at first with artificial Hydrangeas, I then started teaching myself techniques for larger ones and combining other flowers in. My living room is full of flowers, I live with my flowers and I love what I do. My ambition is to make the front doors around Ireland colourful and welcoming, to create a sense of community, looking to want to change their wreath as seasons come and go. Currently I'm getting my name out to the public by word of mouth , attending farmer markets and through social media. I hope one day I can rent a premises employing a group of fellow crafters whilst bringing a much needed colour and energy to neighbourhoods!

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